July 06, 2017

Up-and-coming artists, designers, models and others cultural influencers are the subject of the Up Next column in the Styles section. For this special issue, we focus on nine young strivers — all New York City transplants — who are making a splash in their creative fields.

Some had mentors and social connections, who helped ease their path to early acclaim. Others arrived penniless and alone, often finding their voice on social media before gaining wider recognition. These are their how-to stories.

Instagram encroaches on Snapchat's turf of social media influencers, winning their hearts, minds and posts

July 22, 2017

Harris Markowitz was overjoyed when he was nominated for Shorty Award's "Snapchatter of the Year" last year. The award show, which honors the best in social media, pitted the 25-year-old against the likes of DJ Khaled, who would later be crowned.

Markowitz's nomination, however, piqued the interest of some major brands like Zillow and Coca-Cola, which soon commissioned him to create content for their brand's Snapchat accounts.

CNBC Squak Box TV Interview

June 09, 2016

A Cereal Production's Harris Markowitz explains that Snapchat users are receptive to content that they actually want to see, and not intrusive ads.

Shorty Award's Snapchatter of the Year Finalist 2016

March 15, 2016

The Snapchatter of the Year, presented by Univision, uses Snapchat unlike anyone else. They tell stories and bring you along for the ride every day. Whether they make you crack up on sight, take you to interesting places, can draw in the Sistine Chapel with their fingertips, every snap is screenshot worthy. Univision is honoring creators who either themselves or with their content represent the changing face of this country and create interesting, informative and entertaining snaps.

14 New York City Snapchat Accounts You Need to See

May 31, 2016

Harris Markowitz is one of the most unique and creative individuals on Snapchat. His stop motion stories are not to be missed. Harris is a full-time Snapchat filmmaker and owner of the Snapchat production company, A Cereal Production, where he works with both small companies and major corporations after leaving his full-time gig at Twitter. He was a Shorty Awards finalist for Snapchatter of the Year.

10 Ways For Brands To Program A Snapchat Channel

May 04, 2016

Markowitz discovered Snapchat while working at Twitter, so he had the right context to realize how powerful this new medium could be. As the only person on this list nominated for “Snapchatter of the Year” by the Shorty Awards, he’s best known for creating stop-motion video animations with Post-it notes and stuffed animals. Though he also mixes it up with comedic sketches and Q&A sessions. Markowitz’s personal success on Snapchat lead to the launch of a Snapchat-focused production company known as A Cereal Production. Markowitz recently revealed (via Snapchat, of course) that Zillow is one his charter clients.

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